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Car Camera Weekly Special

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Car Camera Touch Screen

NEW Car Camera

Drive Proof - Car Camera

Record Cell Phone Calls

Advanced Call Recording

GPS Real-Time Locator

Miniature Tracking System
Real Time GPS Locator

Dual View Car Cam w/GPS

This 2nd generation in car camera system provides video evidence with dual view cameras.
This 2nd generation in car camera system provides video evidence with dual view cameras.
Advanced Car Camera

AC Adaptor Cord Camera

Self Contained Hidden Camera


AC Adaptor Line Camera

Silver Cloud GPS Tracker

GPS Tracker
Month to Month Plans
No Long Term Contracts.
Live GPS Tracker

Polarion Abyss

Search Light
Polarion Abyss Searchlight
Military Grade Searchlight Portable and Waterproof
Abyss Searchlight

Peep Hole Viewer

Door privacy viewing
Peep Hole Viewer
Peephole Viewer

Executive Signal Safe

Block Cell Phone Signals
Block Cell Phone Signals - Protect Privacy
Block cell phone signals to protect privacy.


Car Camera with IR LEDS- Mobile Car Camera Set

Car Camera with IR LEDs
Car camera system with IR illuminators.

All in one mobile car camera mounts quickly and easily on the windshield of your vehicle. The included car power adaptor makes installing a snap. Keep a record of your travels, see who is vandalizing your car and maintain a video copy of other motoristís habits. The mobile Car Camera with IR LEDs can also be powered by the included lithium-ion rechargeable battery making it completely portable. This windshield mounted camera captures the action as it happens.

Model: SCI-CAR-IR Price:  $145.99
Car Camera with IR LEDs - Features - Simple Operation

This new car camera offers high quality resolution at 640x480 pixels. It supports anywhere from a 128MB up to 8GB SD card and records in the AVI video format, which is compatible with Windows Media Player. This unit is equipped with LED lighting. The LEDs will automatically turn on when the lighting is low enough to trigger the sensor. This allows for the unit to be used in low light or at night. Using the unit in low-light will affect the quality of the image. When facing the camera to view through the windshield there will be some glare. However, if you are using the unit to record inside of the vehicle the quality will be much better at night.

Our new windshield mounted car camera offers ease of mounting via suction cup mount. This is a significant advantage over many of the dash mounted units that use an adhesive and lack the flexibility of being able to easily mount the unit in a different position or vehicle. To further add to the flexibility in viewing with the unit, the mount has fully adjustable pivot that allow the unit to be turned 360 degrees. Therefore, the unit is able to capture video from the road or inside of the vehicle, depending on the operatorís preference.

Recommended item: advanced Car Camera with GPS.

  • Camera easily mounts in almost any vehicle.
  • Easily record the driving conditions in front of you in real time.
  • Capture video for legal or insurance purposes.
  • IR LEDs for night time recording (inside vehicle)
  • Laser pointer for aiming camera.
  • Rechargeable Battery.
  • Once Card is full the camera will overwrite the oldest video files.

Easy to Use

  1. Place the rechargeable li-ion battery in the unit.
  2. Attach camera to windshield with included hardware.
  3. Plug the car camera in to your cigarette lighter adaptor.
  4. Press the power button.
  5. Press REC button to start and stop recording.
  6. View video on your PC.


Car Camera with IR LEDs - Specifications

Rechargeable Battery

Installation is simple; just place the rechargeable li-ion battery in the unit and attach it to the suction cup mount. Once the camera is secured to the mount, attach the suction cup to the windshield. After this is complete, connect the device to power via cigarette lighter adaptor. Then, just use the laser to help position the unit, and turn it on and press record. Installation and use of this unit is really that simple.

Image Sensor: Color
Image Size: 640 x 480 Pixels
File Format: AVI
Memory: Supports 128MB - 8GB SD Card
Power: 12V - 24V DC
Battery: LI-ion Rechargeable Battery
Mounting Bracket: Windshield Suction Cup (Pivoting)
Illumination: IR LEDs

Notice: If the cigarette lighter adaptor in your vehicle remains active when your vehicle is off be careful not to deplete your car battery. Use the manual ON / OFF switch to power down camera when not in use.

* SD Card Not Included.



Car Camera with IR LEDs - Set Includes
  • Car Camera with IR LEDs
  • Windshield Suction Cup Mount
  • Car Power Adaptor
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Video Cable
  • USB Cable
  • Instruction Guide
Model: SCI-CAR-IR Price:  $145.99



This device may not be used to violate the privacy rights of others. In no way will Spy Chest Inc or its subsidiaries or partners be held responsible for inappropriate use of these products.


Car Camera - FULL HD
Car Camera

Car Camera Drive Proof DP210

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