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Best Car Camera

Updated On July 18, 2020

Ask just about anyone, and they’ll tell you that a car camera is an essential in today’s world. When you’re riding around, you’ll want to have evidence if anything happens. But with so many options out there, some of which are extremely expensive, you might be wondering what the best car camera is.

To make things easier, we’ve got three picks for you that are all excellent in their own regard – all you have to do is decide which one works best for you and get it!

Quick Summary: Top 3 - Best Car Cameras Of  2020

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1. APEMAN Dash Cam
“Never miss out on important footage with the built in loop recording feature in this FHD dashcam from Apeman.”
2. CHORTAU Dual Dash Cam
“This dual dash cam from Chortau keeps you secure from both sides on the road with amazing quality videos even at night.”
3. Z-Edge Dual Dash Cam
“Never worry about missing licence plates numbers with this crystal clear WQHD resolution camera.”

Best Value for Money

Quick Summary
  • Resolution: 1920x1080p full HD 
  • Screen: 3" LCD 
  • Field of View: 170 degrees 
  • Memory: 32/64GB SD Card (Not Included)
  • Features: G-Sensor, Parking Monitor, Loop Recording, Night Vision
Out of all those dash cams available out there, nothing beats the APEMAN 1080p dash cam as an overall package. It’s very well priced, yet cuts absolutely no corners. Video is recorded at 1080p, and you can capture 12MP photos as well. The lens has a 170 degree field of view, so nothing gets left out.

Add to this a built-in G sensor that locks footage from deletion if something happens, and an excellent night time recording performance, and you’ve got yourself what’s possibly the best car camera at a price that’s a fraction of some of the premium models. 


  • 360 degree Rotatable Stand
  • User Frendly
  • Easy Install


  • Poor low-light Performance

Best Dual Dash Cam

Quick Summary
  • Resolution: 1920x1080p full HD 
  • Screen: 3" LCD 
  • Field of View: 170 degrees front/ 130 degrees rear 
  • Memory: up to 32 SD Card (Not Included)
  • Features: G-Sensor, Parking Monitor, Loop Recording, Night Vision, Motion Detection
If you’d rather compromise a few features, but instead get two cameras so you’re covered both at the front and the rear, the CHORTAU Dual Dash Cam is a great pick. The front camera records at 1080p and has a 170 degree field of view, while the rear only has a 130 degree field of view.

You get all the standard features – loop recording, G-sensor to lock any footage if something happens, parking mode, and easy installation, but you do compromise a bit in terms of video quality at the rear. If you don’t mind this, go for it. 


  • Good picture quality 
  • Comes with a suction cup and adhesive mount


  • Lower quality rear camera

Best Premium

Quick Summary
  • Resolution: 2560x1440p WQHD /1920x1080p full HD 
  • Screen: 2.7" LCD 
  • Field of View: 150 degrees 
  • Memory: up to 256 SD Card (Not Included)
  • Features: G-Sensor, Parking Monitor, Loop Recording, Super Night Vision, Emergency Lock
For those who don’t mind paying a bit more, we’ve also got a premium pick – the Z-Edge Dual Dash Cam. It does everything you need it to, with the front camera recording 1440p video, and the rear one 1080p video, both at 30 FPS and with great quality.

When you factor in the GPS navigation module, night vision and wide field of view on both lenses, this is the best car camera to go for if you’d like a premium pick.


  • Affordable price
  • Great quality videos
  • 18 months warranty


  • Poor battery performance

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