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Best Spy Voice Recorder

Updated On February 4, 2021

As we become more and more connected everyday through the internet, we often come across meetings, lectures, conferences and much more. Well, recording something on the internet can be as simple as pressing a few buttons. What about the conversations, meetings, lectures that we have face to face? That's where the voice recorders come in handy. These small electronics give you the option to capture extensive voice recordings, all while staying unnoticed. Let's take a dive to find out the best voice recorders in 2020.

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1. TCTEC Digital Voice Recorder
“Great voice recorder housed inside a fully operational pen. Long lasting battery life with crystal clear audio recordings.”
2.SNAHIKE USB Audio Voice Recorder
“The metal casing on this 192Kpbs voice recorder feels modern and sleek while providing excellent quality audio capturing up to 8 meters in distance.”
3. Attodigital Voice Activated Recorder
“Carry around a USB flash drive with a 512Kpbs voice recorder inside for optimal discreteness.”

Best Overall

Quick Summary
  • Audio Quality: 192Kbps PCM   
  • Internal memory: 16GB (260 hours of recording)
  • Battery: 15 hours continuous recording
  • Warranty: Lifetime
  • Features: Smart voice activated 4.0, Discrete mode, One button operation

TCTEC 16GB Digital Voice Recorder for Students - [Bonus Value] Easy to Use - Voice Activated Mini Recorder- Long Battery Life - MP3 Playback On The Go- Ultra Light - Durable… (V6.)

Starting on our list, TCTEC has the perfect solution if you are in need of a well disguised voice recorder. With it's design as a regular pen, it houses a 192Kpbs PCM voice recorder that has digital noise reduction chip built-in itself. All of the pens features are accessible through one button, which might be confusing at times.

Charging up the device takes 2 hours, but you get 15 hours of continuous recording with a full charge. The device is also voice activated, which means it automatically starts recording when it detects sound. This might concern you memory wise, but you don't have to worry about filling up the storage, because of the big 16 GB memory capacity. Even though the pen it's very light, it's very sturdy and stiff. 


  • Great design
  • High quality pen
  • Great price


  • Unclear instructions
  • Confusing one button operation

Best Design

Quick Summary
  • Audio Quality: 192Kbps PCM   
  • Internal memory: 16GB (180 hours of recording)
  • Battery: 460mAh (20 hours continuous recording)
  • Warranty: 12 months

Voice Recorder, SNAHIKE 16GB USB Audio Voice Recorder, Rechargeable Metal Casing Digital Voice Recorder for Men, Women, Students Office

To begin with, the voice recorder has a sleek metal casing with a clip at the so you can carry it with ease. Inside the metal frame, there's a 192Kpbs voice recorder that can capture 20 hours of continuous recording. You can store up to 180 hours of recordings on the built-in 16GB memory. It takes about 1.5-2 hours to get a full charge on the 460 mAh battery that can than last to 96 hours. It detects audio up to 8 meters, this paired with noise reduction technology achieves crystal clear audio. When purchasing this voice recorder you also get 12 months warranty.


  • Long range audio detection
  • Great build quality
  • Portable


  • Known for Windows 10 issues

Also Good

Quick Summary
  • Audio Quality: 512Kbps    
  • Internal memory: 8GB (94 hours of recording)
  • Battery: 120 mAh (26 hours continuous recording)
  • Warranty: Lifetime

LightREC - Mini Voice Activated Recorder – Slim USB Flash Drive | 26 Hours Battery | 8GB - 94 Hours Capacity | 512 Kbps Audio Quality | Easy to Use USB Memory Stick Sound Recorder | by aTTo Digital

Another great option is the 512Kbps voice recorder from Attodigital that is camouflaged as a normal 8GB USB flash drive. The USB has a smart dual connector for both USB 2.0 and micro USB plug. The recorder has 2 switchable modes. One of them is voice activated recording which starts recording the moment it detects audio. The other one is continuous recording where the device doesn't turn off when there is no audio. The recorder is capable of storing 94 hours of footage in 8 GB memory capacity. It's powered by 120mAh battery that can record up to 20 hours when fully charged. Weighing at just 10 grams, it's perfect to carry around in your pocket. Although a bit pricier than our other options, you get added functions from a normal USB as well.


  • Great audio clairty
  • Pocket sized


  • Date & time not compatible with Mac OS and iPhone

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